Tempered Glass is made by heating flat glass to approach its softening temperature and suddenly chilling with jets of cold air, which distributes compression stress on the glass, surfaces while tensile stress in the center. The counteraction of compression stress and tensile stress provides tempered glass times strength than normal glass.


1. The mechanical strength redoubled: 4- 5 times strength than ordinary annealed glass.
2. Breakage hurts reduced: when breakage occurs, the tempered glass disintegrates into countless even small obtuse fragments, which reduces its hurts to human body.
3. It can withstand a very wide range of rapid temperature changing with the endurance of 200-300℃


widely used in places where have higher requirements for mechanical strength and safety, such as shower room, glass door, curtain wall, facade window, indoor partition, furniture, partition which is close to heat source or suffers more strong cold and hot shock.

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